Fabian Rutter


Brad Kavanagh as Fabian Rutter "Geek Chic" Fabian is a secondary protagonist of the series. He is one of the eight students of the House of Anubis. He is the shy one of the group and believes in doing the right thing. Fabian's been the only one to trust Nina from the beginning, and has also become her closest friend. If anyone could solve the mystery of House of Anubis, it might just be Fabian. After forming Sibuna, he quickly becomes a leader in the club and is involved, along with Nina, in solving almost all of the clues and puzzles. He is the first to guess the Nina is the actual "Chosen One" and not Joy. It is implied that Joy Mercer has feelings for him and he was close with her; however, he has romantic feelings for Nina. However, he is so shy that rather than ask her to prom in front of everyone he asks Patricia who she is going with, thus starting the rumor that he likes her. (He asks Nina to prom later in the season finale.) In the Sibuna Fire of Sacrifice, he throws in his autographed copy of "The Solar System Is Your friend". He is one of the seven acolytes that would have been sacrificed in order for the Society of Ankh to gain immortality. At the end of the season finale, he and Nina kiss after being chosen prom king and queen by Amber. He is based on Fabian Ruitenburg from Het Huis Anubis.


Name: Fabian Rutter Age: 15/16 Nickname: Fabes Described as: "geek chic" "sweet and "trustworthy" status in series : second protagonist