House of Anubis Season 2 PictureEdit

Nina, Fabian, Jade, Amber, Mick, Mara, Jerome, and Alfie return to school. Joy's back, and a new character, Americian 'bad-boy' Eddie, joins the cast.

Sibuna find a dollhouse in the attick.

Nina is looking for a new hiding place for the Cup.

Eddie flirts with Nina, but ends up dating patricia!

Fabian becomes really intereseted with the mysteries, which makes Nina annoyed.

Jabian end up creating a hugr love rivalry between joy nina and fabian but who wuns. NINA AND FABIAN!

Joy still has a crush on Fabien.

Nina and Fabian break up because of these things, but th

en get back together.

Mara and Mick break up.

Amber starts dating Alfie then they break up.

Since Patricia and Mara are then the only singles left in the house, Jerome dates one of them.

Jerome dates Mara then they kiss.

Piper (patricia's twin) joins the show.