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  • Nathalia Ramos as Nina Martin "The Newbie" Nina is the primary protagonist of the series. Nina's parents died during a car accident when she was very young and is raised by her grandmother with whom she is still close with. She is an American teenager who enrolls at the boarding school and is assigned to board at Anubis House. As leader of Sibuna, she promises that she has nothing to do with Joy's disappearance, but not everyone in the house believes her, including Patricia Williamson. Eventually though, even Patricia, the harshest to Nina when she first enrolls, agrees to help Nina, and Patricia joins Sibuna once she realizes that the mystery of Joy's disappearance and the house's mystery are interrelated. In Sibuna, she is involved in all of the clues and puzzles. She has feelings for Fabian though she does not admit this until the very end. Fabian thinks she might be the actual "Chosen One" instead of Joy, who Victor thought was the "Chosen One", due to her being the only one able to use Sarah's necklace, her almost always correct intuitions, and the "messages" she gets from the house. Nina, however, is upset by this idea and asks Fabian to not say that again. In the finale, Nina is confirmed to be the "Chosen One" as Joy could not figure out how to re-assemble the Cup of Ankh. She has exactly the same birthday as Joy, only she was born on 7 July at 7:00 A.M. 7:00 A.M meaning she was born on the true seventh hour of the day, while Joy was born at 7:00 P.M. For some reason, Sarah Frobisher Smythe, or "Emily" as some people call her, knows Nina's name without Nina mentioning it to her; this might be due to the fact that Sarah identifies Nina as the "Chosen One" almost as soon as she met the latter. In the Sibuna Fire of Sacrifice, she throws in her lucky mascot. She is one of the seven acolytes that would have been sacrificed in order for the Society of Ankh to gain immortality. At the end of the finale, Nina is revealed to be the "Chosen One", descended from the bloodline of Amneris. She successfully reassembles the Cup of Ankh. She and Fabian share their first kiss at a prom that Mara and Amber organize for the end of term; Nina and Fabian are chosen Prom Queen and King by Amber. She is based on Nienke Martens from Het Huis Anubis.


Name: Nina Martin Age: 15/16 Described as: "beautiful" "The chosen one" "special" Nicknames: Newbie/ the American