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House Of Anubis Season 2 will be returning it's offical !!!!!! The Season 2 Sibuna Returns will premire in 2012 the time may be seven but has not been confirmed yet. Everybody from season 1 will return we belive that Season 2 will follow if different plot-line if not what do you think they would do. Come back for more Updates and Spoilers. This is The House Of Anubis Wiki. The first episode is called house of hello and house of doll. Nina and fabian are dating. Alfie wants Amber to go out with him. Jerome is hiding from his sister who is blackmailing him. Mick moves to Australia.

New Editions to CastEdit

Out of the many few new characters, one has joined the official cast. That person goes by the name of Burkely Diffield. Duffield has been in many movies and TV shows.

He has been named "#1 Hottie" by the Cleo de Nile organization. While he is


A regular typical teen

proffesionally photographed on his good side, there has been many photos that

show his slightly less cute, and more typical teenager making trouble for the


reputation of Burkley's good looks. Duffiled will be playing a new student that lives in the house named Eddie. Many beleve he is based of the character of Jimmy who is a character in the recent shows that makes controversy between Fabian and Nineke. This may be Fabina or Fina's relationship challenge. Eddie is also American who works on displaying his character and

personality as a punk - an American Punk. You can think that Jerome was a punk - but this dude is from the otherside of the planet. He is self-styled - dressing in whatever he wants to school. And topping it off, he is your typical "bad boy". He is rumored to make trouble for the other Anubis students. But Hey, this is where the spoilers stop. Interested in Rumors? Keep on reading! Eddie is rumored to be either Mr. Sweet's son or the secondary housewife (who's evil)'s son. When trudy needs a break they hire her. Are you exited to see the amazingly cute face on the show?